New Product Innovation Theater

Join us at the ASPE Pavilion (booth 737) for presentations that will demonstrate the capabilities and answer your questions on the newest products showcased at ASPE 2016.

Timeslot Company Product
Monday, October 31
11:30 - 11:45 am AGF Manufacturing CORRinSITE
12:00 - 12:15 pm Viega Water Quality: Pathogen Risk Reduction by Design
12:30 - 12:45 pm Viega Water Quality: Pathogen Risk Reduction by Design
1:00 - 1:15 pm Zoeller Shark Grinder Pump Series

1:30 - 1:45 pm

Franklin Electric/Little Giant Little Giant Inline 400
2:00 - 2:15 pm Holdrite, Inc. Hydroflame Pro Series Firestopping Solutions
2:30 - 2:45 pm Delany Products TrueSense
3:00 - 3:15 pm Lubrizol Corporation Corzan Mechanical Cut-Groove
3:30 - 3:45 pm Leonard Valve Company Nucleus Digitally Controlled Mixing Valve
4:00 - 4:15 pm AGF Manufacturing COLLECTanDRAIN®


Tuesday, November 1 

10:30 - 10:45 am Willoughby Industries Infection Control Sink
11:00 - 11:15 am Slot Drain Slot Drain® CIP
11:30 - 11:45 am ARCOM MasterSpec Commissioning Library
12:00 - 12:15 pm Conex | Banninger K65 System


New Product Innovation Showcase

Join us at the New Product Innovation Showcase (booth 753) to learn about the most exciting new products that exhibitors are bringing to the show floor in 2016. See new products from the following companies:


New Product Descriptions


CORRINSITE™ Corrosion Monitor is an easy-to-install, maintenance-free, and foolproof device that monitors corrosion and measures wall loss in both wet and dry fire protection systems under real-world conditions.

COLLECTanDRAIN® auxiliary drains collect moisture from dry or preaction fire protection systems to minimize the potential for excessive loss of air pressure and prevent accidental system trips, deter vandalism, and, with proper maintenance, help to prevent system breakdowns as a result of freeze-ups. 

MasterSpec Commissioning Library
ARCOM MasterSpec® is the most trusted and comprehensive specification system in the building industry. MasterSpec’s Commissioning (Cx) Library contains comprehensive documents (three-part specs) that describe Cx activities performed by the contractor during the construction phase. This library provides six specification sections, complying with ASHRAE Guideline 0. 800.424.5080 | 

The TrueSense is Delany Product’s newest sensor-operated, hands-free valve. Clean and streamlined to work with today’s minimalist restrooms, the look of the TrueSense adds panache to new projects or renovations. With its multiple power options, it can be installed anywhere in the world.
Truse Sense


Little Giant Inline 400
The Little Giant Inline 400 Pressure-Boosting System couples a proven Franklin Electric pump and motor with simple flowbased controls to provide a typical water pressure boost of up to 40 psi. The unit’s symmetrical design allows for easy installation, mounting either vertically or horizontally to fit most existing plumbing configurations.
Little Giant Inline 400
Chameleon Downspout Nozzle
Froet’s Chameleon Downspout Nozzle is another industry first from Froet. You now have color choices for the downspout nozzles on your buildings. We have also made it a low-profile design for use in pedestrian areas and provide an optional flapper. Stop by Booth #344 and have a look.
Holdrite logo
Hydroflame Pro Series Firestopping Solutions 
The HOLDRITE Hydroflame Pro Series’ novel design transforms how cast-in-place firestop solutions are specified, installed, and distributed. Hydroflame Pro Series products meet and exceed building and fire codes and protect property and the public against damage from water, fire, smoke, and gas. 
Hydroflame pro series firestopping solutions
Nucleus Digitally Controlled Mixing Valve
The Nucleus from Leonard Valve Company is the fundamental digital technology forming the basis of our new master mixing valve lineup. The Nucleus brings cutting-edge electronic technology and marries it with our 100 years of valve manufacturing knowledge to provide our customers with the safest, most accurate digital mixing valve.
Liberty Pumps introduces NightEyeTM wireless enabled products. The app and cloud-based system allows internet connection of a pump via the home’s wireless router and provides alarm and other performance information to your mobile device. The NightEyeTM system sends information via text, email and push notifications, to up to 4 different address/phone numbers - anywhere in the world.

Corzan Mechanical Cut-Groove
Ideal for new installation and service, the Corzan Cut-Groove Joining System is a breakthrough plumbing innovation for commercial buildings. Contractors using the system can reduce downtime up to 90 percent. Now you can specify the strength and reliability of a Corzan plumbing system with the fast, hassle-free installation of mechanical joining.

Moen Commercial

M-Power Sensor Operated Flush Valve
Moen Commercial makes it easy for facilities to maximize water savings without sacrificing performance with its new M•Power™ sensor-operated flush valves. Given the high usage, facilities need long-lasting batteries. The improved, energy-efficient fixtures—with Moen’s proprietary sensor technology—use AA alkaline batteries, which last an estimated eight years in a typical application. The flush valves are also easy to use, install, and maintain.
M•Power Below-Deck Sensor-Operated Faucets
Taking a cue from interior designers and architects, commercial customers are seeking sophisticated designs with hands-free operation. To meet this need, Moen Commercial has redesigned its M•Power™ below-deck sensor-operated lavatory faucets with a new, modern, and transitional style, but the fixtures are not only sleek—the ensors provide increased water savings, improved hygiene, and functionality.
Plenum-Rated Water Tank Leak Detection & Automatic Shut-Off Kit 
Property damage resulting from a water heater/tank leak in a drop-ceiling plenum can be catastrophic. The RS-094-MK6 leak detection and automatic shutoff system kit is designed to protect your buildings from plumbing leaks in overhead spaces in commercial, residential, and mixed-use buildings. The kit includes a ¾-inch shutoff valve, water sensor, actuator, step-down transformer, and plenum-rated wires. When a leak is detected, an alarm sounds and the valve automatically shuts off the water supply to the tank.

Slot Drain® CIP
Slot Drain® CIP (Clean-in-Place) is the only drainage system that has the ability to clean and sanitize the drains without disassembling. It is more efficient, saves labor cost, and poses less chemical exposure risk to people and especially suits facilities that require frequent cleaning and sanitizing.
Slot Drain
HydroSwivel Sweeper™
Strahman’s new HydroSwivel Sweeper™ is a multi-functioning cleaning tool for virtually any surface. It features all stainless steel construction with solid, non-maring acetal polymer wheels for chemical resistance. This product features a fully articulated patent pending HydroSwivel™ joint, which provides excellent maneuverability in and under hard-to-reach places. Deep clean any floor surface without over-spray to walls and without the damaging effects of other hi-pressure systems.
Circuit Solver Union
Balancing your domestic hot water system has never been easier with the Circuit Solver Union (CSU) thermostatic balancing valve.  Now offering an integrated stainless steel union with O-ring and optional check valve for simple, leak-free installation.  Effortless installation and hands-off operation makes it the best balancing valve for recirculation systems.
Water Quality Design Solutions
Viega is helping to address the challenge with the knowledge, solutions and support that engineers need to ensure water quality for commercial potable water systems in hotels, schools, hospitals and in structures throughout the world. We help make easy work of water quality, with solutions that reduce stagnation points, increase flow to seldom used pipes and eliminate waterborne pathogens. 

Infection Control Sink
After careful research with healthcare professionals, Willoughby has engineered an all-new, aesthetically pleasing sink with features especially designed to help minimize the spread of disease. Infection control sinks are heavy-duty fixtures designed specifically to minimize splashing and reduce the spread of infectious disease. 
Willoughby Sink

Shark Grinder Pump Series
The Shark® grinder pump series is equipped with a new dual-blade, angled cutter design whose scissor-like action shreds difficult wastewater materials to a 1/8-inch particle size. This improved cutter system delivers more torque per blade, lowering amp spikes and extending pump service life.