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We enable your profitable gear manufacturing.

Helios Gear Products is the North American factory sales and technical support organization for global gear machine and tool manufacturers. Gear manufacturers work with Helios for industry-leading service and support in an expedient, ethical manner. We deliver the ultimate value to gear manufacturers by acting as a partner, not just a supplier. Our machines and tools are critical to the automotive, aerospace, construction, energy, and medical markets to name a few. We empower manufacturers with products and services that support the production of profitable gearing technology.

As Helios continues to build upon our global Koepfer America legacy and the 150-year reputation of Koepfer machine tools, we are delighted to provide our clients with full access to expanding gear manufacturing capabilities built upon our foundational values. This includes a Helios Hera gear hobbing machines for parts under an inch to over 500 mm (19.685”) diameter, used Koepfer hobbing equipment, repowered hobbing machines. Our machines enable the profitable production of spur and helical gears, internal and external gears, splines, worms, straight bevels, rotors, long shafts, and more. We welcome gear manufacturers to work with us when seeking a machine tool solution.

We also offer our American-built gear tool grinding machines that provide customers a dedicated solution for gear tool resharpening. And lastly, we offer a range of deburring and chamfering machine tool solutions.

Lastly, Helios offers Tyrolit MIRA grinding & honing tools, Helios gear cutting tools (hobs, shaper cutters, and milling cutters), and expert gear cutting tool sharpening services. Our team of industry experts are also available for technical consultation, so your gear manufacturing solution provider is only a call away. Our products and services are used worldwide, and our experience gives us the edge in contributing to the productivity and success of our customers.

Brands: Hera, Koepfer, Monnier + Zahner, Lambert - Wahli, Tecnomacchine, Tyrolit, Helios

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  • (Sep 09, 2019)
    Save thousands of dollars off either the Helios Hera 90 or Helios Hera 350 CNC gear hobbing machines!

 Press Releases

  • Helios Gear Products will demonstrate multiple gear manufacturing solutions at the Motion Power Technology Expo (MPT Expo) in Detroit at Cobo Center, October 15–17, 2019. Gear manufacturers of both small and large gears will want to visit Helios booth #3213 to see the company’s latest machines and tools for hobbing, deburring, grinding, inspection, and more.

    Helios equips manufacturers for profitable gear production with solutions such as the Helios Hera series of CNC gear hobbing machines from YG Tech. Hera machines offer several attractive features: Fanuc or Siemens CNC; high-speed hob heads with automatic retraction during power failure; direct-drive torque motors; friendly dialog programming for easy operating and quick training; re-hobbing (skiving); world-class construction and components; compact footprints. Moreover, Helios Hera hobbers make no compromise on quality while offering manufacturers huge savings. These machines are a must-see at the MPT Expo.

    Helios will show the Hera 90 CNC gear hobbing machine. This machine features a unified, versatile gantry automation system for easy and productive hobbing of spur gears, helical gears, and splines. It also features a high-swivel head for worm and thread milling. Manufacturers of parts up to 90 mm (3.543 in) diameter and 3 module (8.5 DP) should visit the Helios booth to see the machine in action.

    Gear manufacturers will also want to visit the Helios booth to see the Hera 350 CNC gear hobbing machine. With the series’ same high-quality feature set, the Hera 350 enables profitable vertical hobbing of spur gears, helical gears, and other hobbed profiles. The machine is rated at 6 module (4.3 DP) and 350 mm (13.780 in) diameter for automatic loading (additional capacity is available for manually loaded parts).

    On display at the MPT Expo will also be the Helios TM 200-R3 gear deburring machine from Tecnomacchine. This machine deburrs parts up to 200 mm (7.874 in) diameter with high-speed tool spindles. With 5 workstations and a unified, flexible automation system, the TM 200-R3 offers manufacturers a productive brushing, deburring, and/or chamfering solution that enables consistent quality and reclaimed labor. Manufacturers can visit the Helios booth to see this machine produce deburred parts in as little as every 20 seconds.

    Lastly, as part of Helios’s partnership with Kapp Technologies, the PGM 165 gear inspection machine will also be demonstrated. This CNC analytical measuring machine can inspect parts up to 180 mm (7.087 in) diameter using Renishaw 3D probe technology and Penta Gear Metrology software.

    In addition to machine tools, Helios offers manufacturers cutting and abrasive tools, including hobs, milling cutters, shaper cutters, generating grinding wheels, form grinding wheels, bevel gear grinding cups, diamond dressing gears, and more. Gear manufacturers can also benefit from Helios’s services, such as gear cutting tool resharpening and recoating, contract inspection, and application engineering.

    As manufacturers prepare their visit to the Motion Power Technology Expo, they must include a stop by Helios Gear Products booth #3213. They will discover the latest solutions for hobbing, deburring, inspection, and grinding by seeing demonstrated CNC equipment and a variety of cutting and abrasive tools. Gear manufacturers can ask questions and learn from Helios experts on-the-spot while viewing machines and tools that enable globally competitive production of gears.

  • Helios Gear Products announces it has filled two executive positions: Adam Gimpert now serves as the company’s president with David Harroun as vice president. “After more than thirty years serving the gear manufacturing industry, Helios has a powerful core of technical competence, proven ethical business practices, and some of the industry’s highest levels of quality. I am fortunate to lead such a team and develop new solutions for our customers,” said Gimpert.

    Mr. Gimpert is a licensed engineer educated at the University of Illinois. He began his career engineering high-rise structures in Chicago and the United Arab Emirates, working with a global team including professionals in the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Middle East. He was then employed by the University of Illinois, teaching undergraduate students the fundamentals of statics, dynamics, and materials in a multi-cultural environment in France. He joined the Helios team in 2013 and is proud to continue the company started by his father, Dennis Gimpert, and he sees growth and new solutions for Helios. Adam brings creative and forward-thinking tactics to teamwork, problem solving, and visioning for the company that will ensure its gear manufacturing customers stay competitive in today’s global market.

    Mr. Harroun is a mechanical engineer educated at Northern Illinois University. His background is strongly rooted in gear manufacturing, having joined Helios (previously Koepfer America) in 2004. With over 15 years of experience in application engineering, fixture design, machine and tool sales, marketing, and advanced hard finishing applications, David brings a wealth of knowledge to Helios and serves as one of the industry’s notable young leaders. He said, “I am honored to help lead our growing team and develop new technical solutions. As the industry changes, I am excited to offer new products to keep our customers at the forefront of innovation and productivity.”

    With this evolution of the gear manufacturing industry, Helios Gear Products is proud to have two talented and energetic executives to lead the way. With their guidance, gear manufacturers are ensured continued access to globally competitive solutions for machines and tools. Both gentlemen serve on committees for the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), and they will be present at the AGMA’s upcoming Motion Power Technology Expo in Detroit to meet in person.


  • Helios Hera 90
    CNC Gear Hobbing Machine...

  • Helios Gear Products (formerly Koepfer America) now exclusively offers the Helios Hera 90 CNC gear hobbing machine from YG Tech for the North American market. This gear cutting solution provides high technology features such as FANUC 0i-MF control and servo motors, direct drive hob and work spindles, Heidenhain linear scale on X-axis for precise repeatable control of size, and more. Gear manufacturers will appreciate this hobbing machine for its unique combination of technical capabilities, market-beating price, and proven domestic support. Said Adam Gimpert, Helios’s business manager, “the Hera 90 is the first of the Hera series to meet the demanding needs of our customers, and this includes not only a globally competitive price point but also a complete hobbing solution backed by industry experts for technical support.”

    The Hera 90 offers key features, such as 8.5 DP (3 mn) pitch rating, 6,000 rpm maximum hob speed, and up to 8 CNC axes. When equipped with the optional gantry loading and unloading system, the Hera 90 capably and productively hobs a variety of gear types. Workpieces up to 12.600” (320 mm) length can be manually loaded or 7.874” (200 mm) length automatically loaded. Centerline distance between cutter and work spindles moves between 0.394” (10 mm) and 3.937” (100 mm), providing the capacity for a wide range of gear sizes. With 6.300” (160 mm) hob shift, job shops and end-product gear manufacturers alike must consider this machine’s productive mix of flexibility and capability in a small footprint.

    Several standard capabilities are available via the Hera 90’s dialogue programming: one and multiple gears on a single workpiece, multiple-cut cycles, any combination of radial, axial, climb, or conventional hobbing, crowning (lead modification), automatic shifting over a broken hob section, CNC hob shifting, and burr-free hobbing using two equal hobs.  Straight bevel gears can also be cut by index milling or generating cutting via the Conikron method. “In today’s globally competitive market, gear manufacturers need a cost-effective, highly capable, yet versatile hobbing solution for fine-pitch gearing. The Helios Hera 90 fills this role like nothing else on that market,” said David Harroun, sales manager of Helios Gear Products.

    Construction features of the Hera 90 prove strong fundamentals of engineering and design. The machine uses direct-drive torque motors. A cast iron machine base provides optimum stability and dampening of cutting forces. The machine’s slant bed design uses gravity to efficiently remove chips during the cutting process. Automatic X-axis (radial hob head position) retract at power failure ensures the safety of tooling during electrical loss. Total machine enclosure includes world-standard safety equipment such as electro-mechanical interlock and front splashguard doors.

    The “Hera” brand is owned by YG Tech Co., Ltd., which has been building hobbing machines for over 50 years. The Hera series began development in 2004 and today comprises hundreds of installations worldwide including North America, the European Union, Asia, and South America. Helios is excited to be the new North American sales and technical support organization for the Hera line. The Helios company offers over 30 years of expertise in supplying machines, tools, and engineering solutions to gear manufacturers and brings a proven sales record with technical support.

  • Helios Hera 350
    CNC Gear Hobbing Machine...

  • Helios Gear Products (formerly Koepfer America) exclusively offers the Helios Hera 350 gear cutting solution from YG Tech. This CNC gear hobbing machine offers advanced technological features such as FANUC 0i-MF control and servo motors, X-axis linear scale for accurate repeatable control of size, work spindle with direct drive torque motor, automatic retract of X-axis at power failure, and more. With a globally competitive price, proven domestic support from Helios, and a unique combination of technical capabilities, the Hera 350 offers gear manufacturers a world-class hobbing solution.

    The Hera 350 offers 6 CNC axes (7 with automation), a 6 module (4.23 DP) pitch rating, and 1,200 rpm maximum hob speed. Additionally, this machine has a radial travel of 280 mm (11.000 in) from 35 mm (1.380 in) to 315 mm (12.400 in) center distance between the work and hob axes, which allows a wide range of part sizes for universal gear cutting. For long cutting tools, the Hera 350 offers hob shifting up to 180 mm (7.087 in). The machine has a maximum tailstock position of 760 mm (29.921 in) and a maximum axial travel of 470 mm (18.500 in), which rounds out the machine’s versatility for manufacturers.

    With the Hera 350, both job shops and end-product gear manufacturers will find flexibility and capability. David Harroun, sales manager for Helios Gear Products says, “The Hera 350 is a cost-effective and highly capable machine that gear manufacturers are going to want on their shop floor.”

    The Hera 350 also offers impressive streamlined dialog programming in the base package with visual examples to guide users and accelerate training. Operators can easily enter data on a large color touchscreen panel for cutting one or two gears on a single workpiece using single- or two-cut cycles with radial, axial, climb, or conventional hobbing (or any combination thereof). Additionally, crowning (lead modification) and automatic shifting over a damaged hob section are included. Manufacturers will appreciate the machine’s ease-of-use and how quickly operators can be trained.

    The machine’s compact enclosure is enveloped at 3.710 m (12.2 ft) wide by 2.150 m (7.1 ft) deep by 2.790 m (9.2 ft) high. Moreover, the machine offers safety features such as electro-mechanical interlock and a splashguard door. The machine’s cast iron base provides superior dampening and stability for extreme cutting conditions.

    The YG Tech Co., Ltd., owner of the “Hera” brand, has constructed gear cutting machine tools since 1963, and the Hera series started in 2004, having grown to hundreds of installations around the world. Helios Gear Products is excited to offer and support the Hera line in North America with 30+ years of experience in machines, tools, engineering, and technical support.

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