Automation Controls & Engineering, LLC  

Dexter,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 2803

Automation Controls & Engineering, LLC (also known as ACE) builds advanced automation and control systems used to manufacture gears, shafts, and other precision machined components.  ACE applications include automated machine tending, part transfer, debur, assembly, test, and inspection.

Manufacturers turn to ACE to:

  • Optimize & extend production while decreasing operating costs
  • Lower scrap rate, control process quality, and simplify part trace-ability
  • Better understand automation options, project timelines, and expected costs / ROI's

Systems featured in Booth 2803 from ACE and Slone Gear:

  • ACEtrace - flexible machine tending cell including automated wash, inspection, laser marking, and part tracking
  • ACEdebur - dual Kawasaki robotic cell for automated burr removal and part transfer
  • GearVu® rapid tooth profile inspection software paired with both non-contact laser gage and Renishaw Equator

Built for line-side use, GearVu® provides immediate feedback on processes & parts with micron level accuracy.

Visit ACE and Slone Gear in Booth 2803 to learn how to integrate your machines, automote your production, and accelerate your manufacturing.

 Show Specials

  • Improve machining throughput while guaranteeing part quality with ACEtrace - now at a discounted price!

    ACEtrace adds automated inspection & trace-ability to a flexible machine tending cell.  Parts are inspected and marked before leaving the cell.

    100% of your parts can be inspected, marked, sorted, and tracked prior to leaving your machining & automation process, thereby controlling & reducing your WIP and CPPM!

  • Gain a competitive edge at a discounted price with a demo ACEflex machine tending cell.

    ACEflex is a flexible and cost-effective system for loading & unloading small-to-medium sized parts into one or multiple machines.

    • Handles multiple part variants, with option to add secondary operations (wash, blow-off, inspection, marking, etc.)
    • Two drawer configuration offers extra part buffer
    • NOK drawer for reject parts
    • SPC drawer for audit / quality checks
    • Controls system includes PLC, HMI, and EtherNet/IP communications


  • ACEtrace
    ACEtrace combines automated inspection & trace-ability in a flexible machine tending cell. Every part is inspected and marked before leaving the cell!...

  • 100% of your parts can be inspected, marked, sorted, and tracked prior to leaving your machining & automation process, thereby controlling & reducing your WIP and CPPM!

    System advantages:

    • Eliminate downstream in-process gauges & marking stations
    • Reduce floor space
    • Eliminate part mixing and mix-ups
    • Maintain complete control of in-process parts
    • Eliminate part sorting
    • Reduce WIP
  • ACEdebur - robotic deburring
    Flexible, cost-effective automation for burr removal and part transfer...

    • ACEdebur can include 1 or 2 Robots (more robots upon request)
    • Robot(s) can be used for material handling of parts with static debur / grind spindle(s)
    • Robot(s) can be used for debur / grind with spindles/tooling attached to robot
    • Multiple debur / grind tooling options available
    • Automatic and manual compensation options available
    • Parts can be fed in/out of ACEdebur in multiple fashions, i.e. via belt conveyors, trays, pallets, slide drawers, rotary dials
    • Dust and debris shrouding included
    • Dust and debris fume extraction options available
    • Controls system includes PLC, HMI and Ethernet IP communication (other communications available as required)
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