Xubi Engranajes, S.L.  

Azkoitia,  Guipuzcoa 
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Xubi, the most versatile gear partner

Xubi Engranajes, S.L is a company with a long industrial tradition. It was founded in 1956 and started manufacturing nuts and screws. Four years later it began to manufacture Gears.

Xubi counts on the most up-to-date machinery and is involved in the continuous training of its staff, hence allowing them to adapt to the new generation machinery improve productivity, precision and quality. Xubi aims to produce high quality gears and improve customer service by positioning itself as a leading european company in the precision gear sector.

Cylindrical gearing up to 14000 mm ( 550 in.), herringbone gearing up to 10000 mm (400 in.) diameter, internal gearing up to 6 meters (225 in), spiral bevel gears, straight bevels, worm gear sets, racks and pinions, large geared couplings, and of course Xubi´s sister companies Renogear´s products: slewing bearings with roller or ball races and BSG-Zuazo´s products: precision ground ball screws

Brands: Xubi Gears Renogear Slewing bearings BSG Zuazo ball screws

 Press Releases

  • Since 1956, Xubi Engranajes, S.L. from the Basque Country, Spain, manufactures all kinds of gears.

    The company first started supplying spare parts, mainly cylindrical, spur or helical gearing to the surrounding customers.

    The needs increased for spares so Xubi then slowly diversified into bigger sizes but also other geometries; like bevel gears, starting with straight and helical bevels and then spiral bevel gears, first with lapping technology, then grinding for Gleason, Oerlikon or Klingelnberg type of teeth.

    Xubi is now providing all kinds of gearings, like internal gears, helix & spur, by shaping, gashing and profile grinding, Worm wheel and shaft solutions, Herringbone gearing(shafts and wheels). Xubi Engranajes, does not produce gearboxes, but will help support with its engineering capabilities to provide the ideal gear set.

    Xubi is now a group, one of the leading suppliers in markets such as Wind, Marine propulsion, Steel mills, Mining or Railway and has additionally introduced products like Slewing bearings (ball and roller raced) for Cranes, Pitch & azimuth bearings for Wind turbines, Propulsion thursters, Satcom technology, Stacker & Reclaimers, etc. (see www.renogear.net )

    Provides solutions even to high precision machine tool makers by suppying precision ground ball screws, from smaller to bigger sizes, and rotating screw or rotating nut (see www.zuazo.net)

    The challenge of diversifying is still alive in the group, since 2-3 years Xubi reaches sizes of large gears up to 14 meters in diameter ( about 550 inches), suited perfectly for cement mills, kiln furnaces, for instance. Nowadays succesfully delivering them worldwide, to reknowned OEM customers, as well as endusers.

    The family is behind the business, now in a 2nd generation, with a young team of engineers, technicians and professionals of the mechanical power transmission industry and the one of the most up to date facilities world wide.

    Aritz Sudupe, 

    Member of the board of Managementk, 


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