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New product to market: Gear Tooth Alignment Analytics

Radix Technology Solution (RTS), a division of AIS Technologies Group designs & delivers best in class advanced based technology solutions for manufacturers. Our solutions combining machine vision, advanced robotics and controls, custom automation and software to provide control of quality, efficiency & traceability to manufacturers in North America.

At the show, we will be showcasing 2 of our proprietary products:  Gear Tooth Alignment Analytics and Tool Tracker.

Gear Tooth Alignment Analytics (GTAA).  The GTAA system is a first of its kind in using machine vision to review the engagement of the teeth and provide an Objective view for the prospect. This removes the guess work from the equation and reduces:

A)      Warranty Claims

B)      Gear noise


Tool Tracker (TT) was developed to address a need for error-proofing and controlling nutrunner fastening sequences for complete traceability in manual fastening processes.  Validated as “production ready” by Ford Motor Company, TT has provided cost savings, improved error proofing and complete traceability & assembly verification since 2008.

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 Press Releases

  • Radix Technology Solutions, a division of the AIS Technologies Group, is pleased to announce the release of a new vision application called Gear Tooth Alignment Analytics which is designed to automate the process of precisely aligning differential pinion & gears.


    This configurable vision application inspects individual gear teeth (drive & coast), precisely calculating gear mesh contact patterns.  With real-time feedback to the operator, this stand-alone application ensures the achievement of rapid & accurate pinion & gear alignment.  Additional data provided by Gear Tooth Alignment Analytics includes length & width of pattern, position along the flank, total contact area, along with other metrics of value to gear analysis.  An additional benefit to this product is that it requires only minimal rouging on each gear – a process and material savings of substantial value.


    “Radix is well known for our ability to solve tricky manufacturing problems with clever technologies,“ says Shawn Horton, Director, Product Management, .  “This is one more example of our commitment to innovation in intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0.”


    Headquartered in Windsor, Ontario, Radix Technology Solutions designs and delivers award winning intelligent manufacturing technology solutions for major North American automotive manufacturers, as well as pharmaceutical, food/beverage, and aerospace manufacturers. Radix offers vision systems, robotics, automation and software with locations in Windsor and Mississauga, Ontario, Trenton, and Michigan. 




    For more information, contact:

    Shelley Fellows, Vice-President, Communications


    Voice (519) 737-1012 ext. 717

    Or e-mail at shelley.fellows@AIStechgroup.com


  • Gear Tooth Alighnment Analytics
    First of its kind in using machine vision to review the engagement of the teeth and provide an Objective view for the prospect. This removes the guess work from the equation and reduces:
    A) Warranty Claims
    B) Gear noise


    Gear Tooth Alignment Analytics is a vision-based product, inspecting the drive & coast surfaces of gear teeth to optimize hypoid or spiral bevel gear functionality.  During an axle’s assembly process, the two gears forming a hypoid gear assembly are inspected and the results are used to optimize the assembly for the best possible gear mesh pattern.  A computer displays results and the manufacturer assembles according to the recommendation of the software.

  • Tool Tracker
    ToolTracker was developed to address a need for error-proofing and complete traceability in a manual fastening station; it provides precise, real time position information for automated or manual assembly tools or stations....

  • ToolTracker is a vision-based product used to prevent errors in fastening sequences for products that require the use of manual nutrunners (or torque guns) for assembly; specifically, critical fasteners in the assembly process of products like aircraft or vehicle engines and seats.   The vision system tracks the position of a nutrunner in real time, ensuring that bolts are fastened in the right sequence, and can disable the nutrunner until it is placed in the correct position.   A computer display is used to guide the correct fastening sequence and retains information for future traceability. 

    Features & Benefits

    Single Station-Multiple Tools: ToolTracker track multiple tools in the same field of view, and provide output to each tools controller independently. This means that one ToolTracker can

    provide the sequence logic for multiple operations within a work zone.


    Poka-yoke Changeover: Tool change over can be applied as a component of operational logic, helping create a poka-yoke work scenario for the operator removing potential errors and costs.

    Simple lighting”
    Lighting for cameras is IR (non-visible to human operators) this means there is

    no minimum visible light required for the system. 

    Manage torque values:Costly repairs/warranty claims can be avoided by tracking the torque applied on each fastener and not allowing the next fastener in the sequence to be torqued

    until the previous one has reached the correct values

    Manage torquing sequence: Disables the tool when an operator attempts to go out of sequence, again eliminating costly rework

    Accuracy within .5mm Position

    Individual fasteners in close proximity can be monitored effectively, removing the errors like double torqueing (Running in same spot).

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