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South Elgin,  IL 
United States
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Gear Manufacturing Solutions

Helios Gear Products is the North American factory sales and technical support organization for global gear machine and tool manufacturers. Gear manufacturers work with Helios for industry-leading service and support backed by a dedicated team of engineers to ensure each application is profitably productive. Manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, construction, energy, and medical markets rely on Helios manufacturing solutions every day.

As Helios grows beyond our Koepfer America legacy and the 150-year reputation of Koepfer machine tools, our customers are delighted with full access to expanding gear manufacturing capabilities. This includes Helios Hera gear hobbing machines for parts under an inch to over 500 mm (19.685”) diameter, Neo power skiving (NEOPS) machines, and pre-owned Koepfer hobbing equipment. Our machines enable the profitable production of spur and helical gears, internal and external gears, splines, worms, straight bevels, rotors, long shafts, and more.

Lastly, Helios cutting tools and grinding tools enable the day-to-day success of manufacturers across the continent.

Brands: Hera, NEOPS, Koepfer, Monnier + Zahner, Lambert - Wahli, Tecnomacchine, Tyrolit, Helios


  • Helios Gear Cutting and Grinding Tools
    Gear manufacturers rely on Helios tools for productive gear cutting and gear grinding. These include hobs, shaper cutters, generating grinding wheels, form grinding wheels, bevel grinding cups, and more....

  • Helios offers gear manufacturers access to the latest technology for gear cutting and grinding tools.

    Gear manufacturers use Helios hobs, shaper cutters, power skiving cutters, and milling cutters for profitable production. These tools are offered in carbide and premium high-speed steels with the latest PVD coatings. This ensures each tool is optimized by the Helios team of engineers for your application. Moreover, Helios tool sharpening and recoating services support manufacturers across North America.

    The world’s foremost gear grinding operations rely on Helios abrasive tools to remain competitive across the globe. This includes the latest grain and bond technologies for generating grinding, form grinding, honing, and bevel grinding. The most demanding gear manufacturers use Helios abrasives — ask us why.

  • Helios Gear Manufacturing Machine Tools
    Helios hobbing, power skiving, shaping, deburring, and chamfering machines offer a profitably productive solution for gear manufacturing. These machines are offered as new, used, or rebuilt to suit your budget and technical requirements....

  • Helios offers hobbing, shaping, power skiving, deburring, and chamfering machines for parts under 1" diameter to parts over 30" diameter. These productive machines are offered as new, used, or rebuilt for your budget and specifications. Additionally, gear manufacturers use these machines with their unified automation systems for ultimate productivity.

    Combine a Helios gear cutting machine with a Helios chamfer-deburring machine and Helios cutting tools for a complete, cost-effective solution that competes at a world-class level.

    And of course, all Helios products are fully supported by a dedicated team of engineers to ensure your applications perform at their greatest.

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