FOC Ciscato

Seghe di Velo d'Astico,  Vicenza 
  • Booth: 3124

FOC Ciscato Spa was founded in 1879 and has a very long experience in the forging business producing close die and open die forgings in carbon steel, low alloy steel, high strength steel, all kind of stainless steel including duplex and super duplex as though high nickel alloys.

Concerning the market of Power transmission, FOC Ciscato produces wheels, pinions and other components in various grades of steel. Pieces can be forged up to 40 tons and close die forged starting from 50 kg up to 2.5 tons. Those pieces are delivered to a variety of industries including power generation, railway and lifting equipment. Our expertise and high quality manufacturing for these industries means FOC Ciscato is known worldwide.