Bevel Gears India Pvt. Ltd.

Bangalore,  Karnataka 
  • Booth: 3616

Bevel Gears (India) - The Bevel Gear Specialists!

Bevel Gears India has manufactured and designed bevel gears and bevel gear boxes for over 40 years. With over 75 bevel gear grinding, cutting, testing and lapping machines customer's bevel gears are manufactured to DIN and AGMA standards using the Gleason and Klingelnberg systems.

Bevel Gears India caters to the requirement of end users of ground spiral bevels, spiral bevels, straight bevels, zerol bevels, angular bevels and hypoids. 

Customers are invited to leverage our capabilities, decades of experience, Gleason CAGE prepared summaries, CNC gear testing and production facilities to develop the gearing solutions they need for demanding applications.


+ Spiral Bevel 
Ground: 0.8 - 28 in
Lapped: 0.4 - 63 in
Hard Cut: 3 - 48 in

+ Straight Bevel 
Cut: 0.4 - 75 in
Ground: 0.4 - 8 in

+ Skew / Helical Bevel: 2 - 40 in

+ Angular bevels & zerol gears

+ High Ratio Hypoids

+ Cube Gear Boxes

+ Reverse engineering

+ 3D gear modelling

+ CNC gear measuring services

+ Stock bevel gears including ground spiral and zerols - imperial and metric

+ 5-axis machining