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PLATE LOCKS The Plate Locks road plate securing system is the best way to Mark, Identify and Secure, steel road construction plates over utility trenches.

Plate Locks are being included in specifications around the country because they keep plates from moving, provide a smooth transition over the plates, and the safety orange color makes them highly visible to the public. 

Plate Locks are proudly made in the USA. Visit us at

 SDS Plus Anchor Drive Socket - Now you can use the same SDS Plus drill to drill holes and set anchors!

Brands: PLATE LOCKS - Mark, Identify and Secure road plates. Anchor Drive Socket - Use the same SDS Plus drill to drill holes and set anchors


    Plate Locks keep your road plates in place. They are reusable, recyclable, and anchored to the pavement. No more scraping shoveling and sweeping up a cold mix mess from around the work site, and no more worries about a plate coming off of its trench....

  • PLATE LOCKS are an innovative, sustainable, cost effective, National Award Winning Solution to the many safety hazards associated with road plates. Using plate locks to secure your road plates will give you the positive public recognition you deserve, turning public complaints into complements. PLATE LOCKS were desinged specifically to mark, identify and secure steel road construction trench plates. Cold mix was never manufactured, designed or intended to be a road plate securing device, it just so happened that it was the only thing available at the time to get the job done. That was the past and PLATE LOCKS are the future. Continuing to use cold mix for your road plates is like digging a trench with a shovel instead of a backhoe. You can get the job done both ways but which method makes more sense? Save your cold mix for the potholes!