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Are you fighting a pothole war.... and losing? Then look at what the City of Franklin Tennessee did: Franklin Uses Infrared Heat Truck To Fix Pot Holes

Use this heater with new asphalt or recycle waste asphalt overnight. Makes a long lasting, sealed patch. 

OR  see how you can attack the smaller pothole like this customer in Washington DC area does with six of our pothole repair packages, an MR75 mini recycler and a P200 infrared heater.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkpWd1Qpv9Q  

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  • Are you doing big patches that take a long drive or slow process to lay and it is being placed at lower than recommended temperatures? Or for really tackling the larger potholes in the winter, our infrared heated hot boxes will maintain the temperature. These are premium stainless steel triple walled insulated dumping boxes ready to do the job. Mount them on your own chassis. Lots of bells and whistles. They have been used sparingly by a municipality who decided to go a different way. Full years warranty, available now. 

    Take one or take them all at a deep discount. 

 Press Releases

  • Heat Design Equipment Inc is pleased to announce the completion of the first hot-in-place surface course longitudinal joint repair project in North America. The project was completed for the Ministry of Transport of Ontario on Highway 401 near Cobourg, just east of the City of Toronto. General Contractor on the project was Aecon Construction and Materials Limited of Toronto.  The project involved re-heating the deteriorated joint in motion, scarifying through the 50 mm depth, re-mixing in place while adding an asphalt rejuvenator, adding new supplementary asphalt as needed to meet the grade, then compacting leaving seamless watertight edges. The total project was just under 24 km, and averaged 2 km per night. 

    This project was the result of several years of development of  the 100 foot long joint repair train with patented infrared heaters that allow heating the asphalt to depth without overheating the surface. The technology, featuring adjustable infrared emission to suit site conditions made possible the safe re-heating of asphalt in place without developing massive amount of black smoke that would be critical on our busy highways. It also provides adjustment of heat to ensure evaporation of moisture in the cracked surface and re-heating asphalt of various mix designs and various aggregate. 

    The technology has been used since 1995 re-heating longitudinal joints while paving to ensure better density and water impermeability. On airport projects where the FAA specification requires cutting and removal of the uncompacted cold edge, the paver attached joint heater has allowed the contractor to skip this process, saving the contractor time and money. 

    But many of our highways have been built with little or no density requirements on the joint, resulting in long lines of inferior pavement that has proven to last some 30-40% less than the adjacent pavement. Historically, entire lanes have been replaced to correct this problem, causing billions of dollars spent on premature pavement replacement. 

    Now the technology is available to correct these problems efficiently and economically and leave a watertight edge.  HDE presently has the train rented to a contractor in Tennessee doing a surface course repair on Interstate 40 near Memphis, and is presently working on plans to provide other trains to contractors in other states and provinces. For more information please see http://www.asphaltheater.com/hde-asphalt-joint-repair-system .