Surface Systems and Instruments, Inc

Auburn,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 351

SSI produces and sells custom test equipment, including lightweight & high speed profilers, profilographs, walking profilers, Toughbook notebooks and various specialty construction tools. New products include a sidewalk profiler for ADA compliance, a floor flatness/floor levelness device and a pavement management vehicle. With fabrication facilities in Auburn, CA and Manhattan, KS, SSI distributes test equipment and mobile technology solutions throughout the U.S. and the world. 



  • CS8900 ADA Access Profiler
    Sidewalk compliance for ADA Access is now automated. Check out the CS8900 access profiler from SSI....

  • With fully automated measurements, the CS8900 is a significant advancement for testing compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Access criteria for sidewalks. Eliminate random and time consuming measurements with manual tools like straightedges and digital levels. With the CS8900, users can add pictures and GPS positions to their sidewalk data, which can be exported in custom formats, including PDF and GIS.

  • CS9300 Inertial Profiler for Ride Quality Testing
    The CS9300 inertial profiling system easily installs onto end use vehicles for precision smoothness testing (IRI, localized roughness, etc.). Data collection at highway speeds. Instantaneous and detailed reporting. GPS enabled and GIS compatible....

  • The core hardware mount for the CS9300 provides a customizable foundation for scalable surface measurement instrumentation. It starts as an inertial profiler and can be uplifted to add measurements including rut depth, texture, geometry and more. The hardware can be attached to the front (recommended) or rear of many different host vehicles. The core modules can be removed for safekeeping when the system is not in use.