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Johnston,  IA 
United States
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Welcome from AP/M Permaform, NO-DIG specialists since 1975!

Specializing in manhole and pipe rehabilitation since 1975, AP/M Permaform offers a full range of engineered solutions for the cost-effective repair and trenchless replacement of badly deteriorated manholes, pipe and similar underground structures, including PERMACAST, CentriPipe, Cor+Gard, ConShield, and Crystal-X. Visit us online at www.permaform.net, www.centripipe.com, www.conshield.com, and at APWA 2017 Booth #1548, then call us at 800-662-6465 about your next trenchless rehabilitation project!

Brands: Permaform, Permacast, CentriPipe, ConShield, Crystal-X, Cor+Gard


  • CentriPipe
    CentriPipe® is the engineered CCCP solution trusted by DOT’s and municipalities for cost-effective trenchless rehabilitation of deteriorated round, arched and elliptical CMP, brick, and RCP storm and sanitary sewer pipes....

  • AP/M Permaform’s CentriPipe® is the engineered centrifugally cast concrete pipe solution for cost-effective trenchless rehabilitation of deteriorated round, arched and elliptical CMP, brick, and RCP storm and sanitary sewer pipes. Our trained, experienced applicators use the best equipment, including our patented bi-directional spin-caster, and specially designed high-strength materials to ensure the longest lasting, highest quality rehabilitation results. CentriPipe is approved, installed, and trusted by DOT’s and municipalities for proven, cost-effective, trenchless, structural spin-cast culvert lining.

  • Permacast
    PERMACAST® centrifugally casts a dense and uniform liner is applied at the best thickness (1/2"-2") for the condition, depth, traffic loading and ground water pressure of the existing structure....

  • PERMACAST® Structural Liners are made of specially formulated fiber reinforced cements engineered for underground sewer structures.

    Structure renewal of manholes, underground sewer systems:

    • High strength and corrosion resistant
    • Quick, economical and uniform layer
    • Provides waterproofing, sealing, structural reinforcement of existing manholes
  • Crystal-X
    Crystal-X offers economical and effective waterproofing protection of new and existing concrete sewer pipe, manholes, dams, reservoirs, bridge decks, foundations, sewage and water treatment plants, tunnels, subway systems, and other concrete structures....

  • Crystal-X® Waterproofing Solutions, a complementary line of ConMICShield® compatible waterproofing products, ensures the highest quality and most comprehensive concrete protection available for existing and new installation concrete projects.

     • Tunnels and subway systems
     • Foundations
     • Precast structures
     • Parking structures
     • Reservoirs
     • Sewage and water treatment plants
     • Swimming pools
     • Underground vaults
     • Sewer pipe
     • Manholes
     • Bridge decks
     • Parking structures
     • Dams
     • Piers
     • Industrial floors
     • Horizontal and formed vertical repair

    ConmicShield® anti-microbial additive for concrete prevents colonization of Thiobacillus bacteria that produce sulfuric acid in sanitary sewer systems, providing long term MIC protection of concrete pipe, manholes and wet wells....

    • ConmicShield® is a proven technology for the economical and effective long term prevention of bacterial corrosion of concrete in highly corrosive (MIC) sanitary sewer environments.
    • ConmicShield® is used in new concrete pipe and manholes by precasters; in wet wells, clarifiers and similar cast-in-place structures by ready-mix producers and in repair mortars by certified contractors.
    • ConmicShield® is a liquid additive precisely dosed during the mixing phase to perform consistently, safely and effectively in each specific mix design by certified precasters, ready mix producers and shotcrete contractors. Other design properties are unaffected by adding ConShield.
    COR+GARD® family of coatings provides chemical protection, ease of application and is highly resistant to a wide range of acids and temperatures....

  • Cor+Gard® is available in different formulations to match the specific project needs of chemical resistance and temperature.

    Cor+Gard® is fully compatible with PERMACAST® cementitous materials and together they form a composite of concrete and epoxy as they cure together.

    Old surfaces are blasted clean to a sound substrate with our SpinWasher to remove any laitance that would interfere with adhesion followed with a ConmicShield® rinse to destroy any residual bacteria. For uniform, consistent and thorough coverage, Cor+Gard® is applied from our bi-directional SpinCaster which eliminates pin holes and ensures proper application thickness. It may also be applied by brush, roller or spray gun.