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  • (Aug 17, 2017)

    Anyone who has had to install steel staples into the ground for turf, sod, erosion blanket, seed blanket, drip irrigation or outdoor lighting knows that the experience is painfully slow, unenjoyable and a real drag on one's back. Up until now there has not been a reliable tool to make this task an efficient, easy one. Enter Staple Ease. 

    Staple Ease is a made in the U.S.A. staple installation tool to get contractors off their knees and on their feet to insert 4, 6 and 8 inch steel staples into the ground. Developed over four years, the tool simply works, saving contractors at least 50% in staple installation time while installing staples right. The ergonomic design decreases workers' compensation claims and increases productivity by keeping workers feeling fresh. With interchangeable attachments, Staple Ease can install staples over drip line, outdoor lighting, in soft or hard soils or countless applications where steel u-shaped staples are required to be used for installations. Staple Ease is available at dealers across the United States. More information can be found at 

  • For years, metal staples have been the item choice for contractors due mainly due to their price point and lack of any other quality options available. It's long been their staple item (pun intended). 

    Ecoturf Biodegradable stakes are a game changer, offering a safer, eco-friendly option that holds stronger than metal staples.


    Metal staples will remain in the ground for decades before they rust away. Besides contamination, the remants of these staples are often left exposed for feet and lawn equipment. Ecoturf Biodegradable stakes provide an option to contractors that will perform and end up as all-natural by-products, leaving the land as you found it. 


    Imagine kids running through a park in their bare feet - over a jobsite that your company or contractor completed not so long ago. Metal staples are cheap, commodity items that if dropped or mis-installed are disregarded many times. They're cheap; so losing a dozen or so for each blanket being installed is no big deal - until little Suzy steps on one or a lawn mower catches one and sent flying. Eliminate these potential hazardous situations by choosing Ecoturf Biodegradable Stakes. Ecoduty stakes have 4 to 6 times the holding power of steel staples and are made from recycled resins using a proven technology to perfrom when needed and biodegrade over time. 

    While choosing a landscape staple likely has never been something that has been given a consideration, knowing the advantages of a biodegradable stake as well as the potential pitfalls and liability of using steel staples for certain jobsites, can awaken specifiers, contractors and decision-makers to make a smarter choice to hold down sod, turf, erosion blanket and other applications. Combined with the Staple Ease Bio Pro Driver, Ecoturf offers an all-inclusive solution for a safer, eco-friendly for staple installation. Ecoduty stakes are available through dealers across the United States. Visit to learn more.