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Global Tech LED is a LED lighting solution manufacturing company specializing in LED retrofit kits and new fixtures for commercial and industrial lighting applications. Our success is attributed to sound business practices and community awareness, as well as our loyalty to our national and international rep firms and distributors. We offer hundreds of LED retrofit kits and fixtures, we are committed to providing an unparralled standard of excellence, backed by our 10 year manufactorers warranty. 

Brands: Global Tech LED manufactures USA made LED Retrofit Kits and Fixtures for lighting applications including but not limited to Sports Lighting, Parking Lots, Street Lighting, etc.

 Press Releases

  • BONITA SPRINGS, FL, August 05, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Global Tech LED (GTL), U.S. manufacturer of high output led modules used in retrofit kits and new fixtures, announced today that their two most popular LED modules are now IP67 rated meaning that these devices are resistant against water ingress to a maximum of three feet of water for up to 30 minutes, as well as resistant against dust ingress. The manufacturer plans to use this new rating to enable their GTSOL5498 and GTSOLM21 modules to operate outdoors while open to the environment, breaking the barriers of what performance is achievable in an enclosed fixture. There will be a significant improvement in the areas of light distribution, light output, heat dissipation and overall performance by not constraining the high output LED modules behind the glass of an outdoor fixture.

    Global Tech LED is releasing a new line of retrofit kits and new fixtures that take advantage of the expanded capabilities of their modules due to the IP67 rating. The new line of retrofit kits will replace the glass on the front housing of the fixture with a plate that includes the IP67 rated LED modules. This new line results in no trapped light and no restriction on light distribution from the modules themselves. Thermal dissipation capabilities will also be enhanced to a point unparalleled by any other LED retrofit system on the market, ultimately allowing the fixture to output more light.

    The new, soon to be released, LED fixture line made possible by the water resistant rating, is truly revolutionary. Thinking outside the fixture is the unofficial motto of the new line. Without any restrictions at all, the new LED fixtures run at optimal performance all the time in any environment. These are exciting times in outdoor lighting as, now, the sky's the limit for LED fixture performance.

    Learn more about Global Tech LED products and capabilities by visiting: Global Tech Global Tech LED is located at 8901 Quality Road, Bonita Springs, Florida 34135. Telephone: (877) 748-5533. E-mail: info@Global Tech
  • Global Tech LED, a world leading manufacturer of USA made high output LED lighting products, has announced the release of the highly mini-ac-gen-2anticipated Switchit Mini AC Gen 2. Based on the same features and footprint of the original Mini AC, the Gen 2 is an internally driven LED lamp that runs on line voltages of 120v-277v. The standard E27 (edison) screw in base orientation enables the Switchit Mini AC to seamlessly retrofit the existing lighting in most high output recessed can and track lighting fixtures. Operating at a max of 50W the Mini AC can replace up to 250W par38 or 175W HID lamps for an energy savings of up to 80%.

    The USA made Switchit Mini AC Gen 2 comes in two versions, 120v-277v non-dimmable and 120v triac dimmable. Triac dimmability enables the Mini AC to be controlled with existing dimming systems in many applications such as auditoriums, lobbies, churches, and the like. This feature saves the end user time and money by allowing for the use of the existing control system rather than requiring the install and rewiring for a new system like many competing products. Both the dimming and non-dimming versions have four color temperature options spanning from warm white to daylight white and three optical distribution options ranging from narrow flood to wide flood. Utilizing the available options the Mini AC can be customized to nearly any lighting application.

    The Mini AC comes standard with a screw in E27 base, but is also available in a gimbal ring track fixture for easy installation into lighting tracks. Compatibility with track lighting fixtures makes the Mini AC the perfect LED lamp for use in retail and accent lighting environments.

    Global Tech LED is constantly committed to delivering the highest quality LED lighting products on the market. The Gen 2 is based on the tried and true original Mini AC design and functionality with internal performance upgrades resulting in increased efficacy and durability. Global Tech LED supplies a Made in America 5 year warranty with every Switchit Mini AC Gen 2 LED Lamp.

  • ​​​​​​ Global Tech LED, cutting edge USA made LED lighting manufacturer, has had international success with their state of the art LED retrofit kits and new fixtures. Recently, they have placed a strong focus on high output LED sports lighting. In the last couple of years they have blown away the competition on football fields, baseball fields, basketball courts, indoor soccer fields, indoor tennis courts, and even indoor swimming pools. Now, the powerful new Titan-SP sports lighting fixture in hand, they are taking the market by storm in the outdoor tennis industry. A new video from world class lighting distributor SES ( and Global Tech LED shows the drastic improvement in lighting on one of the nation’s premier tennis facilities in San Francisco using the Titan-SP LED fixture.

    Energy savings in this project was not a main focus. Above all else the customer wanted greatly improved lighting on their tennis courts at night. Any energy savings seen would be a bonus. Global Tech LED ran a photometric analysis of the site to determine what fixture, wattage, and light distribution pattern was needed to reach 90Fc, the desired light level of the customer. The existing lighting consisted of 1000W metal halide shoe box fixtures (1100W including ballast draw) which was producing a modest 36Fc average on the court. Global Tech LED chose to replace the existing fixtures with 900W Titan-SP LED sports lighting fixtures resulting in an almost 300% increase in light output reaching 90Fc on the courts with a smooth max/min conformity of 1.50. The reduction from 1100W to 900W resulted in energy savings of 18% not taking into account that the new LED Titan-SP fixtures are instant on, and do not have to be turned on early to warm up, saving even more energy.

    Since the tennis facility is in a residential neighborhood, precise lighting distribution with no spilled light was extremely important. Neighboring houses, obviously, do not want bright light shining through the bedroom window at night. The photometric analysis showed the best lighting called for a type II light distribution with a forward throw. This lighting distribution produces forward light without the need to tilt the fixture up towards the houses that need to remain dark, and greatly reduces the amount of spillage behind the fixture. The resulting lighting exceeded the customer’s expectations and met the results of the photometric analysis producing near class I lighting on the tennis courts while reducing energy consumption and keeping the surrounding neighborhood dark. The made in the USA 10 year warranty brings peace of mind to the end user who can rest assured that they made a brilliant investment.

    This is just one of many LED sports lighting success stories coming from the new cutting edge Titan-SP sports lighting fixture by Global Tech LED. Global Tech LED has posted several great video examples on YouTube of what their Titan-SP LED sports lighting fixture can achieve. Keep an eye out for more as they have been adding new video material regularly.

    To see all of the videos Global Tech LED has to offer, visit their YouTube page at . To learn more about the Titan-SP LED Sports Lighting Fixture visit .

  • high-mast-for-dot-2xtitan-quarter-viewGlobal Tech LED becomes the first Florida manufacturer to supply FDOT approved LED High Mast Luminaire

    Global Tech LED, Florida manufacturer of USA Made high quality LED lighting products, announced that the Florida Department of Transportation has added the Titan-HM LED High Mast Fixture to their Approved Products List (APL).

    Now, Global Tech LED’s superior LED high mast fixture can be installed on projects controlled by the FDOT including interstate installations. This may be the first time that the FDOT has a high mast lighting option made in the state of
    Florida and now has the ability to support business within the state when performing upgrades to lighting infrastructure.

    The Titan-HM LED fixture which is produced in Bonita Springs, Florida has an industry leading warranty, and is high-mast-for-dot-2xtitan-side-viewextremely cost competitive, likely the lowest cost of all DOT options. It features two Solstice Titan Modules running at up to 640W producing brilliant clean LED light in a Type V distribution. The thermally optimized modern LED housing is tastefully reminiscent of the classic high mast fixture design. The optical distribution is tuned to meet DOT lighting requirements when mounted on high mast poles up to 120 ft high.

  • 20170104_101600Bonita Springs, FL, January 1, 2017 – Global Tech LED announced today that their engineering lab has been accepted into the UL Client Test Data Program [CTDP] under UL’s Data Acceptance Program [DAP] last week after a successful audit by UL. The UL Client Test Data Program is a program qualifying labs to test and provide certified data for submissions for UL certification.  “This was my number one priority, seeing how valuable the lab would be to our company and our future” says Michael Prainito, CTO at Global Tech LED, “We have been working diligently at building this lab for a long time. Our efforts were validated when we were approved on the first audit, which is very difficult to achieve.”

    When submitting a product for UL safety certification, a company must provide test data from a UL certified testing lab. For most companies that means going directly to UL to run the necessary tests for UL safety certification. Going through such a process takes a large amount of time and money making the process of UL certification, in many circumstances, slow and cumbersome. UL labs test for a large amount of clients, tests get added to the queue in a first come first serve process. This often results in waiting weeks, or longer, for the tests to start.  

    20170104_101222“Having a lab in house that is part of the UL Client Test Data Program means greatly increased efficiency and reduced time to market for new products, which is of great importance in the evolving world of LED lighting” says Geoffrey Pfeiffer, Senior Manager of Engineering and Compliance at Global Tech LED, “The cost savings are massive, when you consider how quick we can obtain UL approval(s), which helps to keep our products competitive in the lighting market.”

    UL safety certifications are doubly important for high output LED lighting as they are also needed for any product to qualify under the DLC (Design Lights Consortium) for energy rebates and incentives.  In many areas of the country where energy costs are higher, sales of LED lighting systems rely heavily on being qualified for rebates. Without the DLC qualification, an LED product cannot compete with others that qualify for rebates.

    Global Tech LED looks forward to a record breaking year in the speed and efficiency of attaining the necessary test data to submit for UL safety certification as well as for DLC qualification. The future looks bright with Global Tech LED.


  • Turtle Lights
    Worlds brightest Turtle Light installed in South Florida Coastal City...

  • Approved by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, we integrate our Turtle Light Module into both new fixtures and Retrofit Kits.

    Our Bi-Spectrum pole mount fixture has switching capability to go from standard street lighting color (5K) to turtle color Amber (590Nm).

    Turtles are ancient shelled reptiles that have existed for 220 million years. Florida has more species of turtles than other states. Of the 26 types of turtle species found in Florida, the vast majority (18) are freshwater turtle species. Besides freshwater turtles, Florida is home to the gopher tortoise, box turtles, and five sea turtle species.

    Although all turtles are air-breathing reptiles, aquatic turtles can hold their breath for long periods of time. All freshwater turtles lay eggs on land in holes they have dug. When the eggs hatch, the baby turtles (hatchlings) return to water.

    Outdoor lighting is a common interference for newly hatched sea turtles. They use the light of the moon shining on the ocean to guide them to the ocean. Artificial light from streetlights, lamp posts, and light fixtures can lead the turtles away from the ocean, which puts them in great danger of injury or death.

  • Parking Lot LED Retrofit
    Convert existing fixtures to LED at a low cost...

  • The "Glass" Revolution has arrived. No need to spend a fortune on new LED Fixtures to brighten your parking lots and save money on electricity, simply replace the glass of your existing fixtures with our new "LED Glass Retrofit".

    Many cities and towns have enacted ordinances concerning "light pollution". These ordinances will cost you a small fortune if you upgrade to new LED Light Fixtures since you will be required to obtain permits and lower your existing poles.

    Global Tech LED's Glass Retrofit is Super Bright to help you retain and attract new tenants.

    The Glass Retrofit doubles down on Glass with our new patent pending "Prism"glass optics that distributes the light horizontally at great distances to eliminate dark areas between poles that are far apart.

    Rated for over 160,000 Hours, get the value for the dollar you should have! Return on investment is fast and the life of the Retrofit is guaranteed for 10 years minimum with no light loss!

  • LED High Bay
    Low Cost LED High Bay...

  • Our new 250W Gemini High By Fixture delivers tremendous value for the dollar and comes with a 10 year warranty.
  • Sports Lighting
    Our new LED Sports Light is taking the country by storm...

  • Whether its Tennis, Football, Aquatics, we have a solution.

    Please watch our Tennis product in action:

    Please watch our Football product in action:
  • LED street light fixtures
    Low Cost Street Lights are the bomb...

  • Our Low Cost Street Lights will make your people happy and bright.