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Our goal is to immediately halt soil erosion and stabilize shorelines and hillsides for our customers in the eco-friendliest manner. We accomplish this by providing you with the most effective bioengineered soil erosion solutions at the most economical cost that provide superior performance over time. SOX Erosion Solutions™ is dedicated to the highest standards of continuously delivering the ultimate in knowledgeable and professional service, innovative product design, reliability and customer service.
We pledge this to our customers and to the natural beauty of nature.

Brands: Shoresox Erosion Control™ | Dredgesox™ Erosion Control | Sox in a Box

 Press Releases

  • SOX Erosion Solutions developed an industry-leading expertise in restoring eroding shorelines on inland waterways caused by fluctuating water levels. Unstable land results in hazardous conditions for landscapers and lakefront residents. Eroding shorelines leave draining pipes, sprinkler systems, and underground lines exposed and subject to costly deterioration. Moreover, homes are frequently flooded by encroaching water.

    Erosion is inevitable despite the best efforts of homeowner associations, municipalities, and golf course superintendents. There are several temporary strategies to control shoreline erosion, including installing sandbags, rocks, and trees. Shoresox and Dredgesox are long-term, eco-friendly erosion control solutions. Our pioneering technology effectively removes sediment from waterways and reclaims shorelines. The key advantage is that this innovative product increases shoreline stability naturally by planting and/or sodding directly through mesh armoring, establishing newly rooted vegetation. SOX Erosion Solutions are the most viable BMP to inhibit erosion.  In layman’s terms, we are filling a huge “sock” with rich organic sediment to line and protect the shoreline. Once the SOX is fully rooted, it becomes an enduring part of the shoreline landscape greatly reducing further erosion. This sod also provides a filtration system, preventing eutrophication. Many municipalities and states are turning to these “living shorelines” as opposed to building cement walls, rip-rap or using other temporary strategies.

    This problem will only continue to increase and we anticipate significant expansion here in Florida and in other states.

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  • Shoresox™ Erosion Control
    Shoresox™ is the most innovative bioengineered “living system” developed to immediately halt soil erosion and stabilize shorelines and hillsides....

  • Shoresox™ is the only erosion control solution that encompasses the shore bank and fully integrates into the bank or hillside- ultimately becoming part of the earth. The bioengineering of Shoresox™, including product development, continuous research and rigorous field testing spanned over a decadeShoresox™ has been multi-patented, approved by governing authorities and proven in a vast variety of field applications over the years. The Shoresox™ erosion control system has been installed on public and private waterways and professional golf courses throughout the United States. Shoresox™ has won a multitude of accolades, endorsements and testimonials from universities, governing agencies and customers.

    The Shoresox™Erosion Control system works-naturally. Our customers know it and our competitors know it.

  • Dredgesox™ Erosion Control
    Dredgesox™ uses our multi-functioning amphibious work boats to dredge excessive shallow sediment into our bio-engineered containment system to regrow eroding shorelines....

  • Dredgesox™ Erosion Control is a cost efficient and superior in long lasting solutions to shoreline erosion. Dredgesox™ was designed using the Best Management Practices (BMP’s) of erosion control solutions. Using our multifunctioning amphibious work boat, we dredge excess shallow sediment into our SOX containment unit which is then secured to solid ground with our patented subsurface anchoring system.
  • SOX IN A BOX™ Erosion Control
    Do It Yourself - Erosion Solutions...

  • SOX IN A BOX™ is exactly that—We’ll send you the Shoresox™ components to remedy your erosion problems. You’ll get a training video and all the patented tools and installation components to get the job done with your own crew.

    HOW TO ORDER? Once you know the linear feet of the project, take photos, call us and describe your needs. We’ll provide an estimate first. When you order, we’ll put a project box together and deliver it to you.