Reel Tech Co. Ltd

Korea (South)
  • Booth: 703

REEL TECH CO.., LTD is a successful and growing technology-driven company which produces lifting system. Remote lifts system is an wireless system which can automatically control the ascending & descending of mainly lighting units.

 Furthermore, we developed various product lines in order to meet customer demand, such as lifts  for Lighting,  Chandelier, CCTV, Smoke Detector, Electrical outlet, PR material & etc. And we developed our own LED 200W which can replace metal halide lights and contributed to saving the energy.


  • LED and Lifts

    - Using REEL TECH remote lighting lifter, you can maintain and clean the dust around LED
    on the ground level regularly. It makes full use of LED lifetime by preventing LED overheating...

  •   - Model : CSI-LN200 
      - Warranty : 40,000 Hour / 10 years
      - Features
        1) Checking Function of accumulated usage time of LED
        2) Max 80% Energy Saving : Detect moving of person by  motion sensor and turn on/off LED
        3) Payback period of investment : 1.6 year 
        4) Function of Crime Prevention : Available warning signal  to intruder using LED blink
        5) Prevent fall & electrical shock accident
            - Application : Warehouse, Factory, Gymnasium
  • CCTV Lifts
    CCCTV lifts is suitable for cleaning and maitanin CCTV on the ground place....

  • - Model : MSI-1C, MSI-3C, MSI-5C

    - Warranty : 5 years

    - Features

        1) Clear sight at all times

        2) Clean and maintain camera on the ground

        3) Easy to identify accidents

    - Specification

    - Lowering Height : 15 Meter

    - Loading Weight : 1kg, 3kg, 5kg

    - Application : Office, Shop, Building Entrance

  • Chandelier Lifts
    Chandelier Lifts is suitable for chandelier light with extremely heavy loads in hotel, shopping mall, banquet hall or exhibition...

  • - Model : PFI-100,200,300,500

    - Warranty : 5 years

    - Lowering Height : 15~30 Meter

    - Loading Weight : 100~500kg

    - Application : Hotel, Shopping mall, Palace, Condominium, Banquet hall

  • Lighting Lifts
    - You can clean and meaintain the lighting fixture on the ground place using remote control system
    - Prevent of fall and electrical accidant
    - No need scaffolding , scissors lift equipment...

  •   - Model : MSI-1,MSI-3,MSI-5,MDI-3,MDI-6,MDI-9



      - Warranty : 5 years

      - Features

        1) Easy control with RCU (turn on/off, up/down)

        2) Prevent fall & electrical shock accident

        3) Group/ Individual control

        4) Ground level maintenance

    - Application : School Gym, Factory, Warehouse, Theater, Airport, Train Station

  • Batten Lifts
    - Two lifters are working as a one unit.
    - You can up/down advertising material or long lights...

  • Batten type is a bar type, used when large promotional placards or a number of lights in line are needed ascedning/descending.

    - Model : Batten Type  (Two lifters are operate as 1 lifters)


    Application : Promotion Material, Long lights, Special lights.