Ground Works Solutions

Lakeland,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 650

Complete trenchless solutions for the sewer rehabilitation.

Ground Works Solutions, specializes in improving the weight-bearing capacity of subsurface soils through the injection of patented, URETEK, lightweight polymers. For 25 years, Uretek has safely provided leveling, lifting, sealing and structural stabilization for structures of all sizes.

Our customers: Local, State & Federal government, commercial, industrial, maritime facilities, geotechnical and structural engineers.

Our services: void mitigation, storm & waste water restoration, infrastructure stabilization, manhole, joint & lateral line sealing.

Brands: URETEK polyurethane chemical grout.


  • URETEK patented structural geopolymer
    LIFT: raise sunken culverts without excavation. LEVEL: Realign settled drainage with precision and speed. STABILIZE: Seal ground water leaks around infrastructure....

  • URETEK's patented technology offers municipalities and public works officals the control to restore, rehabilitate and extend the useful lifte of city infrastrucutre with minimal disruption to the public. URETEK's structural polymer seals, realigns, and stabilizes leakly manholes, sunken culverts, deficient dams and spillway without major excavation.