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The DANNAR Mobile Power Station® (MPS) is a revolutionary, multi-purpose electric off-road vehicle, the first in a “new” class of work machines for governmental fleets. The MPS provides powerful versatility to work year round in all areas of disaster response, infrastructure maintenance, and supplemental off-grid power when needed.

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  • Mobile Power Station®
    The Mobile Power Station® is a first-of-its-kind electric vehicle and energy platform that can replace many single-use work vehicles with a quiet, energy-efficient workhorse....


    A revolutionary electric work vehicle and energy platform that provides autonomous, emergency power for disaster response and multi-function utility for daily off-road maintenance.


    The Mobile Power Station is the first-of-its-kind disaster response vehicle that combines days of emergency power with the ability to clear destroyed streets and travel through 3 feet of flood water.

    The MPS comes standard with two 33 kWh lithium-ion battery packs, but may be configured with up to six packs for 198 kWh of on-board electricity.

    An optional 60 kW Tier 4 generator provides 600 kWh of continuous, off-grid electricity and battery recharging. Combined with a 50-gallon fuel tank, the MPS can recharge itself for multiple days before refueling.


    Every yard is full of many single-use heavy equipment and maintenance vehicles that can be replaced by a single Mobile Power Station.

    With a towing capacity of over 100,000 pounds and optional load arms with a 7,000 pound load capacity, the MPS outperforms traditional skid steers and track loaders.

    The onboard hydraulic power unit provides a universal quick plate for any Caterpillar® or Bobcat® attachments, as well as Type I, II and III hydraulic tool circuts for chain saws, breakers or impact wrenches.

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