Dynaset Oy

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DYNASET – Powered by Hydraulics

Powerful productivity with compact hydraulic

DYNASET is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic
generators, -power washers, and -compressors in the
world. The DYNAmic Finnish manufacturer, founded in 1986,
with innovative SET of hydraulic equipment that are reliable,
compact, powerful and easy to use.

Hydraulic system of a work machine is power source that
DYNASET expands for added productivity and work efficiency
simply and in compact size without extra engines.

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Brands: DYNASET, HPW Hydraulic Power Washer, HG Hydraulic Generator, HMG Hydraulic Magnet Generator, HMAG Hydraulic Magnet, HK HKL HKR Hydraulic Air Compressor, HPW DUST Dust suppression systems