Ecube Labs Co., Ltd.

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
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Ecube Labs provides smart waste management and logistics solutions focusing on IoT technologies. Our integrated line of products include solar powered waste compacting bins (Clean CUBE), and ultrasonic fill level sensors (Clean CAP) that can be fitted to any container along with our data and predictive analytic SaaS (Clean City Networks, CCN). Essentially, we provide transparency and increase operational effectiveness in the waste collection chain, reducing costs and labor associated with such services. Find out more at


  • Clean CUBE - Solar-powered waste compacting bin
    Solar-powered waste compacting bin. Senses bin fill-level and sends real-time data to Clean City Networks data analytics platform....

  • Clean CUBE is a smart solar-powered waste compacting bin. Embedded sensors measure the bin fill-level in real-time and trigger automatic compaction of waste, effectively increasing the bin capacity by 5-8 times. Utilizing 2G/3G telecommunication technology, real-time data from the Clean CUBE are sent to Clean City Networks (CCN). It is solely powered by a solar panel that stores energy in a rechargeable battery and can be installed and operated without any exterior wiring (as a standalone system). It is also available in a plug-in/hybrid model that allows it to be installed for indoor applications. It comes in three different sizes: 100L, 120L, and 240L, with the 120L and 240L models being compatible with international standard wheeled bins. Optional features include LED back-lit advertisement panels for static images, LCD advertisement panels for streaming video, and even a router that allows it to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Most importantly, it can reduce operational costs of waste collection by up to 80%.
  • Clean CAP - Wireless waste bin fill-level sensor
    Wireless waste bin fill-level sensor. Senses bin fill-level and sends real-time data to Clean City Networks data analytics platform....

  • Clean CAP is a smart ultrasonic sensor that measures fill-level information in real-time. It works in close conjunction with Clean City Networks (CCN), which provides bin fill-level information in real-time basis via 2G/3G, telecommunication networks. Clean CAPs can be attached to any existing containers including, amongst others, waste bins, liquid tanks, silos, underground bins, etc. By employing the Clean CAP and CCN, users can significantly reduce associated costs (labor, time and fuel) related to waste collection operations by up to 50%.
  • Clean City Networks - Waste analytics platform
    Real-time monitoring and data management platform. Provides optimization of collection routes....

  • At the core of the Clean CUBE and Clean CAP, Clean City Networks (CCN) functions as the underlying management platform designed to optimize the efficiency of the waste collection value chain. Available as both a web-based and smart device solution, CCN not only provides a comprehensive collection of historical data and analytics reports, it enables operators to monitor their assets in real-time and make data-driven decisions ahead of time.

    In addition, CCN pushes notifications informing of when and where collections are required while its predictive analytics algorithm generate optimal schedules for future collections. It also assists the drivers themselves by providing up-to-the-minute optimized collection routes at any given time. In practical sense, it advises managers to create better planning and scheduling of their collections by allocating their resources at the right place and time.