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Take the waste out of waste!

Nordsense is redefining waste management with an affordable, reliable and easy-to-deploy Waste Collection Platform. Real-time monitoring of fill-levels enables dynamic route optimization with turn-by-turn voice instructions adding bins as they reach predefined threshold levels – even as the route is driven.

Early customer installations have demonstrated 50-80% fewer daily pickups in city areas and dramatic cost savings. Additional benefits were fewer overflowing bins, increased customer satisfaction as well as a decrease in traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.

Brands: Nordsense POD, Nordsense OPS - Operations Center, Nordsense NAV - Navigator


  • The Nordsense POD
    IN THE BIN - the Nordsense POD is an easy-to-install fill-level sensor. The laser-based POD measures fill-levels at high accuracy for any size container and any type of content, solid or liquid. And, unlike ultrasonic sensors, without a blind spot....

  • Available in two sizes, the Nordsense POD is easy to integrate into existing containers. Other then fill-levels, the Nordsense POD also reports on movement, location and temperature of the container allowing full insight of the health and the whereabouts of your assets. Reporting and measurement intervals are user defined. GSM connectivity ensures reliable communication. 

  • The Nordsense Operations Center / OPS
    AT THE OFFICE - Using the web-based NS Operations Center, you are able to monitor the health and location of all of your containers, generate optimized routes based on fill-levels, simulate routing before going live as well as assign service resources....

  • With the Nordsense Operations Center, you will get full insight into every individual as well as user-defined groups of containers. Data is captured by the Nordsense POD in the bin and Nordsense OPS allows for trending and analysis based on real-time as well as historical data.

    • Haulers have saved 25-50% by only servicing containers that are more than 25% full
    • Early implementations of the Nordsense Smart Waste Collection Platform have demonstrated 50-80% reduction in the number of daily pickups
    • Overflowing bins are bad for your city brand and your business. Period!
  • The Nordsense Navigator / NAV
    ON THE GO – In the hand or in the vehicle of the field service personnel, the Nordsense NAV enables dynamic optimized routing, live updates on the health of bins, localization of individual bins, and reporting of maintenance services needed in the field....

  • In the Nordense Navigator mobile app, drivers will follow dynamically generated routes. New bins will be added as a route is being driven if they trigger a threshold warning.

    Eyes-n-Ears™gives the drivers detailed visual and voice instructions.  

    StreetSmart™ avoids high risk areas such as schools and pedestrian zones and accommodates the time-dependent access.

    Right-side Routing™ provides street entry points to ensure the trucks are oriented on the same side of the street as the receptacle.