Electrotechnics Corp (ELTEC)

Marshall,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 1613

Come see the HAWK pedestrian crossing (solar powered & AC)

See remote school beacon management & control using ELTEC's SYSTEM 3000 IP programmable time clock.  

ELTEC manufacturers three styles of mid-block pedestrian crossing systems (AC & solar powered): STANDARD (1 or 2 round beacons per pole), RRFB, and HAWK (hybrid).  All systems available with wireless communication between poles.  Activation options: push button, camera, or microwave. 

New to the traffic industry!  Solar powered HAWK pedestrian crossing.

For information or quote contact ELTEC or your local ELTEC dealer.

Brands: SYSTEM 3000 IP clock, NTC-17E & TC-18 time clocks, TimeSync1-GPS & TimeSyncD-GPS, FS-2 DC flasher, Mikros EIC with built-in conflict monitor.