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OMNTEC: The Responsible Choice for EPA compliance.


    The PROTEUS is a part of a solution that monitors Fuel Inventories and complies with EPA, State and Local requirements to monitor AST and UST tanks for leaks. The flexibility of PROTEUS makes it ideal for a variety of tank monitoring applications....

  • The PROTEUS's low cost, ease of operation, advanced functionality and approvals make it the ideal solution for any Public Works application that involves fuel.  It accepts 1-96 of OMNTEC’s Bright Eye (BX Series) sensors for distinguishing product from water or for simply detecting the presence of liquid.  A distinct advantage of Bright Eye sensors is they are networked and utilize 4 wire bus technology. A single pushbutton on the console's 7" CTS will test the entire system.  Additionally: Upwards of 48 Inventory probes can be accommodated on a single PROTEUS console.  Unmatched Functions and Features include:  7" CTS, SD CARD,  WEB ENABLED,  ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS,  REMOTE CONFIGURATION,EMAIL, TXT, NO ADDITIONAL MODULES REQUIRED, PLUG AND PLAY,  MODULAR HARDWARE TO MEET EACH SITES SPECIFC NEEDS.