PB Loader Corporation

Fresno,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1213

Thank you for joining PB Loader at the 2017 APWA show!

PB Loader offers quality products, and a wide range of high-end custom manufacturing tailored specifically to our customer’s needs. We possess a knowledgeable and experienced team of engineers and fabricators whose years of experience and excellent knowledge of our product has lead to outstanding relations with our customers.  We offer truck, trailer, hook-lift, and slip-in mounted Asphalt Patching Systems, truck mounted loaders, and emulsion spray systems, all custom built to customer specifications. 


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  • PB Truck Mounted Loader
    A PB Loader combines a dump truck & loader. Designed to load, haul & dump material, it saves operation costs, reduces manpower & minimizes equipment needs....

  • PB Truck Mounted Loaders are built tough and come equipped with features that improve productivity and safety.

    • Exclusive arm design allows access to the cab when shovel is on the ground or in the travel position. 
    • Outfitted with clam, tilt, clam/tilt or standard shovel.
    • Available with 3,000-5,000 lb shovel lifting capacity.
    • Shovel capacities range from 0.75-1.5 cubic yards.
    • Fully hydraulic operation.
    • Rugged, durable construction.
    • Adaptable to cab-over or conventional truck chassis.
    • Truck doors, dump body and loader are all controlled by interlock switches.
    • Shovel can be stopped in any position.
    • Fast operation cycle.
    • Designed for multiple jobs - leaf/trash removal, clearing/cleaning gutters, handling utility cuts, loading/hauling gravel, dirt or sand.
    • Optional emulsion spray system for asphalt patching and road repairs.

    Many options are available to meet your needs - from cab shield and dump bodies, to hose reels and work lights - PB has what you need to get the job done.

    For more details visit http://pbloader.com/products/loaders/.

  • PB Asphalt Patchers
    Fully equipped for complete asphalt patching. Easy to operate, easy to maintain, and designed so one person can tackle patching jobs with just one machine. Used to repair road shoulders and utility cuts, as well as spread salt, sand and chippings....

  • Quality build with proven features:

    • Conveyor choices
    • Full hydraulic operation
    • Radiant heat system
    • Fully insulated containers
    • Convenient controls
    • Complete emulsion systems

    Variet of models to make your choice easy:

    • Truck Mounted Patcher: Permanently mounted on any chassis. One machine for all your year-round patching needs. Available with a variety of options and container capacities to meet your exact specifications.
    • Hook Lift Patchers: Completely equipped and allows for simple one-person, in-cab operation. Easy to load on and off. Fits any existing hook lift system on the market. Available with all the options and features of a truck-mounted patcher.
    • Dump Body Slip-In: Converts an existing dump body into a patcher! Completely self-contained. Slides into a dump body within minutes. The perfect solution for cities and towns that do not reqularly perform patching operations.
    • Trailer Models: Hook up the trailer to a dump truck or pick-up truck. Equipped with all the standard features you need.

    For more information, visit http://pbloader.com/products/patchers/.