Megasecur Environmental Security Inc.

Victoriaville,  QC 
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MegaSecur E.S. is the main manufacturer of Water-Gate dams.

Water holding back Water:  

The concept of the Water-Gate is simple - It’s the weight of the water that stops and contains the water. Its unique design allows the liquid to enter the PVC barrier and instantly stabilize it onto the ground - Just like a parachute deploys itself with the wind.

Simply unroll, unfold the first flap and let the PVC barrier deploys automatically as the liquid fills in. The Water-Gate dam will remain stable on any surface because it is made 4 times wider than its height and therefore can withstand 4 times more vertical than horizontal water pressure. 

Brands: The Water-Gate barrier is an "FM Approved" temporary and self-deployable dam considered as the most complete, easy to use and innovative anti-flood / emergency spill response system in the world.


  • Water-Gate Flood Barrier (WL Series)
    The Water-Gate, a fast deployable flood barrier that can be used to retain, divert or contain water or any other fluids. Efficient, reusable, cost-effective and easy to deploy in case of flash floods, water-main breaks or any other forms of flooding....

  • The costs related to damages by flood can be quite important in urban areas, the flood control barrier is convenient to protect underground garages, houses or buildings. The Water-Gate barrier can be installed even if flooding has already begun.

    • Protects against floods and flash floods;
    • Deviates storm-water or firewater;
    • Controls water without affecting traffic during fire hydrant maintenance;
    • All season water-main break water deviation tool.

    The flood barrier has many applications in emergency response situations and is used by fire departments, public works personnel and search and rescue teams.​

  • Water-Gate dam - Spill response (WT serie)
    The Water-Gate WT serie is used to block or dam streams, small rivers or ditches for spill response and also to create water supply from small watercourses. Designed with ports or release holes on the lower portion to work as an instant underflow dam....

  • Spill response incidents in shallow water present difficult response recovery conditions. With the Water-Gate, a water course of a few inches in depth is conveniently transformed into a deep and calm response zone. With the implementation of the Water-Gate, skimmers, sorbent booms and vacuum units can be used conveniently with increased operational and cost effectiveness.

    The Water-Gate can also be used as an overflow dam for sinking pollutants without affecting its integrity.  Our barrier adapts itself to all types of terrain and river beds following basic instructions. Because of its incredible flexibility, the antipollution dam fits snugly against the river banks and stream bed no matter what the terrain might be. No anchor or pump necessary.

  • Water-Gate - Cofferdam (WA serie)
    Used to block or dam streams, small rivers or ditches for spill response, water supply or as a temporary cofferdam to work in streams....

  • The main clientele for this type of barrier: firefighters, petroleum companies, contractors, municipal workers, wildlife ecologist and mining exploration companies.

    Firefighters can rapidly dam a small brook or stream to create a water supply to draw water from. In rural environments where dry hydrants are not available, the Water-Gate is a convenient alternative as well as for wildland firefighting to draft from available sources. The portable dams are lightweight and easy to carry and install in remote locations. They do not need additional material for installation, no gas or electricity, no filling and no anchors required.