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The Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co is the fastest growing American manufacturer of chassis mounted regenerative air and mechanical broom street sweepers.  We bring a fresh approach to an established industry and have introduced 6 new and unique sweeper models in the last 7 years - with many more to come.


We offer 6 models of mechanical broom units in 4 different sizes and two regenerative air units.  Several models are mounted on heavy duty, non-CDL chassis for maximum maneuverability and fuel efficiency.

Brands: Starfire Mechanical Broom Street Sweepers Galaxy Regenerative Air Street Sweepers

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    John Paraschak

    VP Sales & Marketing


    Stewart-Amos Introduces New Starfire S-4c Mechanical Broom Street Sweeper

    Exclusive 3-shaft elevator, 11’ variable dump height, 16′ 9″ turning radius,

    left or right side hopper dump enhance company’s already reputable sweeper design

    Harrisburg, PA (November 2016)Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co., a designer and manufacturer of the most productive and cost-effective street sweepers available, introduces the Starfire S-4c, a heavy duty, mid-sized, dual engine mechanical broom street sweeper mounted on an extremely maneuverable 19,500 GVWR NON-CDL, cab-over chassis.

    The Starfire S-4c is an update of Stewart-Amos’ best-selling mechanical broom model, the Starfire S-4, with several value-added features that enhance the S-4’s time-proven design.  Notable features include: their exclusive 3-shaft elevator system for better loading performance and reduced maintenance costs; variable height dumping up to 11′; tight 16′ 9″ turning radius; larger 36-gallon fuel tank, and street- or curbside (left or right side) hopper dump.

    The S-4c is unique in that it is the only mechanical broom sweeper on the market that allows customers to specify either street- or curbside hopper dumping.  Customers simply choose a dumping side based on their need or preference at the time of purchase.

    “The Starfire S-4 has become the staple of Stewart-Amos’ line of mechanical brooms due to its reliability, simplicity, and affordable cost of ownership,” says John Paraschak, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  “The enhancements to the S-4 only improve upon its steadfast design, and we are excited to introduce the S-4c to our customers and dealers.”

    The Starfire S-4c comes standard with a 58″ main and dual 42″ spring-balanced, full-floating gutter brooms that automatically compensate for wear.  Each unit has a large 4.0 yd3 debris hopper mounted on 4 heavy duty “X” style lift scissors for improved stability and dumping capability.

    For more a full list of specs for the Starfire S-4c or to schedule a demonstration, contact John Paraschak at or 717-514-6119. To view the full line of Stewart-Amos Starfire mechanical broom street sweepers, visit


    Since 1938, Stewart-Amos Sweeper Company has designed and built effectively simple machines that are easy-to-operate and affordable to maintain.  Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co. currently offers 7 mechanical broom and 3 regenerative air street sweepers, each with unique value-added design features to meet any and all sweeping needs.  Stewart-Amos sweepers have the lowest cost of ownership available, and all models share nearly 90% parts compatibility to provide low costs and unrivaled part availability.


  • Starfire S-4c Mechanical Broom Street Sweeper
    A full featured, heavy duty, mid-sized sweeper on an extremely maneuverable, NON-CDL, cab over chassis....

  • A dual engine, heavy duty, mid-sized broom street sweeper mounted on a highly maneuverable NON-CDL cab-over chassis.  Proudly American.  Designed for day-in & day-out continuous sweeping.   10' path, 4 cubic yard hopper, 11' variable dump & choice of left or right side hopper dump.  200 gallon water tank.  Effective cleaning highways, large parking areas, cul-de-sacs & narrow streets.  Remarkably quiet & fuel efficient, easy to operate & simple to maintain.  Front and rear canopies protect components.  3 shaft elevator reduces chain wear & clogging, extends service life.  Spring balanced & free floating brooms minimize wear while automatically following surface contours for maximum cleaning results.  4 corner hopper scissor lift system ensures greater stability when dumping heavy, sticky, unbalanced or wet loads.  Oversized 44" dump door makes debris disposal safer, more efficient.  PM 10 certified.  To see a video of the S-4c in action go to or call 717-514-6119.

  • GALAXY R-6 Regenerative Air Sweeper
    A full featured regen air street sweeper mounted on an highly maneuverable, NON-CDL cab-over chassis....

  • A full featured, high capacity 6 YD³, regenerative air street sweeper mounted on a highly maneuverable NON-CDL, cab-over chassis.  Easy to operate & maintain, with few moving parts.  Tackles the toughest cleaning jobs including: fine dust; leaves; paper; sand; rock; stone and other highway debris.  Equally effective cleaning large parking areas, cul-de-sacs, runways and narrow streets.  Sweeps 10’ path.  Huge 6.12 cu. yd hopper made of stainless steel bolt together panels – no weld to weaken, rust or crack.  5 year no-rust-through factory warranty.  Bolt together panels are easily & economically replaced if damaged.  Top mounted hopper door opens automatically when dumping for quick, safe & easy filter screen cleaning.  Large 200 gallon water tank.  Comes w/7' dash mounted color monitor.  Back-up and right gutter broom cameras.  For more information & to see videos go to or call 717-514-6119.