E.J. Ward, Inc.

San Antonio,  TX 
United States
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Since 1974 E.J. Ward, Inc. (Ward) has been on the forefront of technology development ensuring accountability and security of fuel usage by public fleets. Ward’s fleet solutions provide significant savings through Automated Fuel Management, GPS Tracking Solutions, and Enterprise Application Integration. Stop by Ward’s booth to see a live demonstration of our next generation Ward 4 fleet asset management technology!

Brands: Ward AFMS Ward ATS


  • W4 Fuel View Software
    Ward W4 Fuel View software automates and simplifies fueling of fleet resources from fuel storage tanks to vehicle tanks...

  • Ward W4 Fuel View software automates and simplifies fueling of fleet resources from fuel storage tanks to vehicle tanks for fleets of any size.  Authorization and processing of transactions in both real-time and back-up modes provides control and management for all feet data relating to sites, departments, employees, vehicles, and assets. Implement validation rules on fuel management and vehicle usage for comprehensive transaction records for vehicles, drivers, and pumps.

    Business intelligence based reporting and query functionality provides detailed, decision-making data with the help of At-A-Glance dashboards providing status of key performance indicators for centralized, configurable reports covering one or more specific departments, one or more business units, or the entire fleet. Reporting includes fuel reorder points and potential problems through the easy to use visual status grid.

    • Lower and operating costs throughout your fleet
    • Automate access to fueling and accounts with absolute certainty every drop of fuel goes into the identified vehicle
    • Decrease response time with customizable alerts and alarms for fuel transactions, vehicle usage, and storage tank levels
    • Detailed insight to the status of sites, fleet and vehicles with At‑A-Glance screens and reports
    • Faster, more accurate fleet analysis with pre-programmed, complex datasets to print, share, or export
    • Enterprise Class .Net scalable, web-based application

  • W4 Fuel Control Terminal
    Fuel Control Terminals interface with pump dispenses for any fuel or fluid and electric charging stations for kwh and can be used in transit bays, for security gates and car wash. Each FCT securely controls up to 10 hoses in any combination of product...

  • The W4 stand-alone or fueling truck mounted Fuel Control Terminal (FCT) interfaces with gasoline, diesel, CNG, or propane, and any other fuel and fluid dispensing device, as well as electrical charging stations. Fully secure authorization options include automated wireless with a Ward CANceiver, key fob, mag stripe card, keypad entry, or combinations, based on your unique business needs. Broadcast or direct message to users with Ward Fuel View software.  

    Convenient single point access of service fluids in use with hose reels in automotive and industrial fleet applications, the FCT can be used in transit bays with pump chaining for mixed fuels. The FCT can also be used in maintenance kiosks for multiple service fluids such as transmission fluids, windshield washer, and oils. Ideal for service trucks, transit facilities and large fleet shops.